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Our Proposition

Why The Adviser Centre?

Through The Adviser Centre, we are dedicated to helping financial advisers identify actively-managed fund investments that are appropriate for their clients’ needs. 

The Adviser Centre team has a strong heritage in investment and in conducting market-leading, impartial fund research.   The website was launched in May 2014 as the forum for unbiased, up-to-date and well-informed fund research.

We understand the need for succinct and practical information and analysis. The presentation of our research clearly conveys our view of a fund’s quality, utility and value for money.  Our work is always undertaken in the context of financial market understanding, which is a critical factor in making our fund research relevant and well-informed.

Our Competitive Edge

We measure our success by our ability to provide useful and relevant research, which correctly explains and contextualises funds, thereby helping advisers to select appropriate investments for their clients.  We believe that our service adds value for the following reasons:     

  • We bring a wealth of investment experience to The Adviser Centre and see the decisions we take and opinions we form through the eyes of the adviser community.
  • We have a deep understanding of financial markets and we benefit from a continuous flow of independent market research in relation to all asset classes.  We firmly believe that this level of understanding is critical when assessing fund managers.  We believe that fund research is only made relevant by an ability to contextualise performance and risk outcomes. 
  • There are no economics driving our fund selection process which has been made easier by the introduction of clean share classes.  This also makes analysis and comparisons easier to undertake.
  • The Embark Group incorporates regulated entities and therefore we are acutely aware of what is required to keep ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape.  Advisers can have confidence that we reflect this in our process.
  • The product landscape is changing rapidly.  Investment funds are becoming more complicated and the breadth of understanding that is required to assess them is ever-increasing.  As investors ourselves in all types of funds (both traditional and alternative) over many years, we are well-placed to understand these complexities. 
  • We work very closely with asset managers to draw out the best ideas for advisers.  We are motivated by our intellectual curiosity and the desire to identify new ideas for The Adviser Centre.

Why Actively-Managed Funds?

In selecting investments for their clients, we know that advisers have many choices.  One of these choices is to decide between passive investments and active investments.  Our aim is to assist advisers with this decision by recommending actively-managed funds that we believe are worthy of the costs being charged to investors – in other words, recommending funds that we believe offer ‘value for money’.  

The ‘value’ of an active fund may be as simple as its success in outperforming the most relevant benchmark over time.  Alternatively, it may be that a manager has particular skill in participating in a market whilst reducing potential losses, resulting in attractive risk-adjusted performance.  Or, it may be that a manager adds value through a well-managed mix of assets or by providing a reliable source of income.  Therefore a fund’s ‘value for money’ is not only about its costs, but also about the outcome it offers to investors.

Our fund factsheets provide information and impartial research, highlighting our opinion of a fund, its key characteristics, what can be expected in risk and return terms and our suggestions for how it might be utilised in a portfolio. 

In this way, we provide succinct and pertinent information and opinion that helps advisers to make well-informed and appropriate choices for their customers. 

People & Process